The world of the Young Explorer wall map for children - sticker

The world of the Young Explorer wall map for children - sticker

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Wydawca ArtGlob
Seria Mapa Młodego Odkrywcy
Język angielski
Data wydania 01-01-2014
Wydanie 1
Wodoodporna Tak
Oprawa arkusz
Podkład mapy naklejka bezklejowa
Ilość stron 1
Wymiary / mm 1414x1000
Indeks producenta 9788363618346N
EAN 9788363618346N
ISBN 9788363618346N
Cena: 149.90 zł Zamów w
Opis produktu

A geographical wall map of the world for children. It is suitable for an educational and decorative use. The continents are colourfully marked along with their relief. Additionally, famous buildings, animals, natural monuments, historical events are shown by pictograms. Thanks to that, the map is a fascinating source of knowledge about the history and the present of our planet. It presents information about geography, nature and culture in an interesting way. This map stirs imagination, encourages to gain knowledge and inspires. It is also a great opportunity for parents and children to spend time together in a creative way. Quality and aesthetics of workmanship make it an extraordinary decoration for your child’s room.

With this finishing option, a map is printed on a innovative material weighing 145 g/m2. Its inner side is coated with a patented adhesive that allows one to stick and unstick a map repeatedly, without any visible marks. Thus, this map may serve as an excellent either temporary or a long-term wall decoration. A map printed on this particular material is suitable for the majority of smooth and untextured surfaces, such as glass, untextured walls, metal and furniture boards.

Map characteristics:

  • excellent print quality,
  • great colour saturation,
  • fast & easy application,
  • no marks after removing,
  • stick and unstick it as many times as you want!

Instruction of use:

Carefully remove dust, grease, or any other possible dirt from a chosen surface. The surface should be untextured and smooth, as the sticker will not adhere properly to textured surfaces. Delicately remove protective foil. Slowly apply a sticker to a chosen surface (adhesive side) and carefully smooth down air bubbles. If necessary, cautiously raise a map edge and slowly remove if from a surface. A map is ready to reposition.

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